Old Sol values the health of people and the environment. Therefore, we grow in way that supports both.

We use on-farm inputs as much as possible: cured cow, chicken, and horse manure, and compost for fertilizing; shredded leaves for mulching. We do not use any synthetic herbicides, pesticides or fungicides. Our focus is on building the soil. The microbe life and nutrient content below the surface stimulates plant growth above the surface. We try to build upon this underground ecosystem with our practices instead of eliminating it.

We grow a combination of produce, flowers, and herbs. For one, the variety of produce reflects how we eat. Secondly, the diversity of plant life promotes a microecosystem within the garden. We grow specific flowers and herbs that attract beneficial insects such as bees, while warding off damaging ones. Our multi-crop plan also promotes balance within the garden and allows for more effective crop rotation. This practice reduces pest pressure and soil demands.

We use only non-GMO seeds.