Growing produce is a craft. It involves techniques that are refined with time, experience, and dedication to learning. Thoughtful growing nurtures plants from the soil up and utilizes symbiotic relationships within the ecosystem. These are the principles that Old Sol lives by. By growing produce responsibly, our practices are more sustainable and harvests more bountiful. In other words, the produce is good… real good.


Old Sol Produce understands that the health of people and the environment is connected. Therefore, we grow in a way that supports both.

Our focus is on building the soil. The microbe life and nutrient content below the surface stimulates plant growth above the surface. We work to build upon this underground ecosystem with our practices instead of eliminating it. We use on-farm inputs as much as possible: compost, animal manure and cover crops provide soil fertility. We do not use any synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides or fungicides.

We grow a combination of produce, flowers, and herbs. For one, the variety of produce reflects how we eat. Secondly, the mix of plant life promotes a diverse ecosystem within the garden. We grow specific flowers and herbs that attract beneficial insects, while warding off damaging ones. Our multi-crop plan promotes balance within the garden and allows for more effective crop rotation. This practice reduces pest pressure and nutrient deficiencies.

We use only non-GMO seeds.


Spring: arugula, beets, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, collards, kale, lettuce, spring onions, spinach, snap peas, pac choi, potatoes, radishes, turnips and spring herbs such as cilantro, dill and parsley.

Summer: bulb onions, celery, cucumbers, eggplant, garlic, green beans, melons, okra, summer squash/zucchini, peppers, tomatoes and summer herbs such as basil, rosemary and thyme.

Fall: you’ll see a return of many springs crops, as well as sweet potatoes, cauliflower, winter squash, herbs and more!


Farmers' Market

May through October you can find our fresh produce at the Cotswold Farmers’ Market every Saturday from 8am to noon. The market is located at 309 S. Sharon Amity St., Charlotte, NC behind from the Cotswold Medical Plaza.

Community Supported Agriculture

For the 2018 season we will be offering a produce share program called Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). CSA’s are a way for farmers to market their produce through a season-long program intended to foster a relationship between the community and farmer. By purchasing a share, the farmer is making a commitment to you for a seasons worth of produce and you are making a commitment to the farmer by helping support the upfront costs of the season.

By purchasing our CSA you get to pick-up produce on the farm every week all season long. As a member you choose 6* items from the 10-15 items that will be available. Unlike some CSA setups, instead of us packing a box for you, you get to choose from the variety of seasonal vegetables and herbs that are available. The main season will begin around the last week of April and continue for 20 weeks. The 20-week share costs $350 or, if breaking the payment down is better for you, you can pay monthly at $72/month with a $72 deposit (see below for savings!). This is a non-refundable deposit that will be applied to the last month of the season.

*For sign-up and questions email us at

What’s so special about our CSA?

When you go to the grocery store, do you ever wonder, “where does all this food come from?” It must all start somewhere, right? Well unlike a grocery store, with our CSA share you get to go directly to the farm where your produce is grown. During pick-up we’ll be around if you want to say “hey”, ask any questions or just stop and chat! You can walk around the farm to see the garden, check out our chickens and say hello to the horses!

As a CSA member you also get to save money! By paying in full at the beginning of the season, you’ll pay below market value for all of your produce. Or, if paying monthly is better for you, we have a payment plan for that. Regardless of your method, you are guaranteed to get more than what you pay for. Throughout the season, we will offer many extras including bumper crops of veggies and herbs, and cut flowers! In addition, with your share you’ll receive weekly recipes and a newsletter so you can keep up with the farm happenings!

A note on “seasonality”

Since everything comes from our farm, the selection of produce will be different than what you see at the supermarket. Instead of seeing tomatoes and cucumbers year-round you will see these in the summer. Broccoli, lettuce and other greens you’ll see in the spring and fall. You will see some items week after week and others less frequently. The benefit of buying our produce is that you are getting the absolute freshest and best-tasting produce available. You’re getting produce that’s ripe with the season, picked within a day of you taking it home and you can certainly taste the difference! For more information on what we grow and when items will be in season, see our produce listing above.